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Photography is not a fulltime job. However, I would like to be one day.

What is your view on the role of Photographers among the youth?

They should not be defined by the media. If you do not have a camera I do not have a reason to know you. If you have a camera I also would not be in the right mind to know who you are. I do not care if you are a photographer, a model or an actress. I am interested in your photographs as a reflection of you as a person. You can do it without any expectations of “fame” or “success”. A big part of the young person’s career is about making photographs without any expectation of them being “famous” or having a “make good” shot. I understand that you are trying to achieve your goals through photography. This could be a way of finding your own path to success if something is not going well in your life. Photographers should not feel that they have achieved their goals by selling a camera. You can do that, too. You have your own life to live and your own passions.

Do you feel you have a responsibility to the youth by photographing them?

Yes, I have to. If people could learn to be a real life photographer and not get so carried away in the world of photography, people would still be able to survive in the world and be a part of it. That is why I started photography. A lot of it is subjective but I feel that people should be able to be who they want to be because in the world there is so much change that everyone must adapt to. There are a lot of people who are not good at expressing themselves and there are also not a lot of good photographers that people can buy into. There are a lot of reasons why people need to be a photographer and it is a big responsibility to be one as a young adult.

What advice do you have for those who have not made it and not have access to the medium of photography?

I think it is not very difficult and I think that if you have someone that you look up to to help you understand how to get better, who teaches you how to do it. Don’t listen to everyone who tells you that “you have to be a model to be a photographer”. Don’t listen to your family, your friends, people around you. Be the person you would like to see yourself as! Be the person that you see yourself

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