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If you’ve ever wished you could make the most of your time on the planet on a large scale and make money by playing video games, don’t worry, you may soon be able. According to a report by the Financial Times, “big companies such as Facebook, Amazon and eBay are working on ‘gaming platforms,'” and if the technology works, one day gamers will “make around $1 billion” from gaming in the United States alone. Of course, “millions” more could have the game experience of playing the games, but at the moment, the game is “an untapped source of revenue from a new group of people,” the report claims.

However, while gamers in the UK and the United States are being given a wealth of information about the possibilities surrounding gaming, “developers in the US can still struggle to monetize a game that is being seen by consumers as too risky or too expensive.” For gamers in the United States, “there are barriers to entry,” which they are still working to overcome. The Financial Times also found that the costs of developing games can be “disproportionately high” in the United States because “there are so many game studios, with the number of employees and the size of the teams.” In fact, according to the report, one “major video game studio spends roughly one-third of its revenue on advertising” compared with just 14 percent for “a game in China or India.”

However, according to Forbes, there are now “millions of games” available for digital download on mobile devices. And that’s a good thing. According to the report’s author, the cost of developing mobile games is decreasing. “Games have been growing at a significant rate in China but the games being developed in this country and the US are also growing at an accelerated pace,” he said. And while developing smartphones and tablets is not as easy as it once was, the cost to develop games (and even to maintain them) is likely to continue to decrease “as mobile operating systems make more and smaller games more scalable,” as the report observes.

Ultimately, gamers can make a little money by spending money online. However, according to the report, “there is a huge opportunity for games to make money on the back of a user base,” but according to the report, “the current market, one in which game makers spend a lot of money to reach a market that’s largely unsentimental but willing to spend money, may be unlikely to turn a profit for

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