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The United States has warned a Chinese vessel approaching its coast in the South China Sea that it might be attacking it.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop was speaking in Beijing on Wednesday after a meeting with President Xi Jinping on the South China Sea.

In a statement released by China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ms Bishop said China should heed and respond to the United States’ warnings.

If you’re looking for the best looking leather wallet you can buy, look no further than The Wallet By J.K. Dyson.

J.K. Dyson

L-R: the wallet in the middle, a pocket on the outside for cash, and a pocket on the inside for cards.

Photo Credit: J.K. Dyson

When it was first teased, in January 2011, the J.K. Dyson Wallet By J.K. Dyson certainly surprised many. The name may seem familiar; the J.K. Dyson name has appeared on many things since the late, great J.K. Dyson, in the beginning of the 20th century. A few months later, Dyson, along with his wife and fellow designer Lorna Dreyfus, joined a new class of designer entrepreneurs who created an innovative line of products, and the J.K. Dyson Collection, of which the wallet is one (shown here, below). J.K. Dyson’s wallets—which are now being made by J.K. Dyson, in California—are designed for the average, everyday American. While J.K. Dyson may have a knack for creating products that are simple, utilitarian and, well, timeless, this is not their only aesthetic—a look at Dyson’s other creations makes it apparent his style has a lot more shades of grey than black and white (if you like your wallets simple, utilitarian and timeless, then you’ll certainly dig their line, or this gallery from another collection created by Dyson’s wife). This wallet, however—specifically the backside—is the real focus of most people’s attention.

The wallet was designed as a wallet in a pocket, but it could easily be opened into a card storage area,

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