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B&H sells used cameras for $100. The price is determined by the condition and value of the cameras, the amount of storage space, their state-of-the-art technology, whether the equipment is covered by a warranty, and the total number of units.

What are the conditions of the camera?

Used cameras come with a number of conditions. They include:

Manufacturer’s Warranty

The manufacturer of the camera provides you with a warranty that covers all defects (not just those that are found directly on the camera) for a period of 5 years. However, if the condition of the used camera has not improved by the expiration of this period, or if there are parts that need to be replaced, you may be charged for this repair. If you are charged for this repair, you will receive another estimate based on an average cost from a manufacturer of the same camera.

The repair is yours to have done. Your total cost to purchase the camera will be covered by the manufacturer of the camera. This is a warranty only. If the camera you purchased has broken in anyway, you will need to pay for it, not the manufacturer.

The manufacturer does not cover any claims arising from a defective product that you obtained after the manufacturer has sold and shipped that specific camera to you. This applies whether that is the retailer that purchased, or you purchased.

For warranties sold by a third party, these manufacturers also provide an extended warranty that allows for the return of the camera for a full refund.

No Return Policy

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You can return a used camera (or a defective product) for a complete refund at any time. However, B&H will have to pay any shipping costs that you incur in returning the camera to us.

What kind of warranty does the camera have?

B&H guarantees the condition of the used camera and the warranty coverage is provided in all states. Please contact B&H for warranty information.

Can I use a second camera when purchasing a camera?

Yes. By using a second camera in conjunction with B&H, you will be able to create the camera needed to match the specific requirements of your project.

Note: If you purchase a second camera, a separate warranty is not required. The only warranties covered by using a second camera are the original manufacturer’s warranty and B&H’s.

Can B&H cover the cost of shipping used cameras and equipment to me?

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