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Yes. Your photographer should be on your team to help you. There are many different models that you can opt for or be a freelancer, they all offer different features that other photographers do not, to get better photos.

Can I set up a photo shoot?

Not necessarily! Sometimes photographers can just not come and take your picture and that’s fine.

However if you wish to put a few pictures out there there is no reason you can not use their services:

You can send your images via email attachment or website.

Some of them may allow a 3rd party to create your picture so that you can upload it to your website.

And you might be able to use some of their services for promotional purposes, just make sure you check the website and use these services responsibly.

If you get an email from a photographer stating that they can set up a photo shoot for you, contact them and tell them that what you need is not available online, but you may be able to send them to your website and ask them to give you their contact details. For each photographer they will try and help you arrange the shoot, and you can select your favourite as they may help you obtain them. It should be noted that in some cases the photographer may try and do the shoot themselves, but it is up to you if they can or cannot.

Many professional-oriented photographers provide this service to their clients.

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What is not covered by the agreement?

Although an agreement is a contract in principle, it doesn’t matter because you are legally bound to do what is agreed. Some photographers do offer the possibility to cover up of any mistakes. However make sure that they are able to give you any notice before you cancel it.

Is it fair that an agency can take a percentage when I am not happy with the final results?

It is important to be aware that even if a photographer is a freelancer and working out an agreement on your behalf with you he/she can try to charge you whatever is the highest offer.

I cannot guarantee that the result will be exactly the same or as good as the original, I cannot provide the same photo for free that you have provided me. However this is perfectly ok.

And what about the photos after they are released?

That is completely up to you. You can upload them to your portfolio or use them as you wish. But once they are in the public domain and you are

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