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While it may seem like a small amount, there can actually be quite a lot of free money floating around out there on the internet that you just don’t know.

You might be making $50-$150 a day simply by simply going online just doing anything you enjoy. If you enjoy web development you might become $100 per day just by simply adding a few more websites to your collection.

If you enjoy online dating you can make $150 a day by simply visiting the dating sites. You must be on both or else you are basically asking for a penny a minute.

The internet can get a lot of people started in this business. You will be amazed how many people have been making money just learning what the internet is all about.

Don’t let this money go to waste! If you like to make money online you can easily find ways to make it happen. Just remember to stay away from any affiliate links at all.

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What are some of the sites that make money?

These days there is an increasing number of sites that pay you to advertise and promote their products. The reason for this is simple. You are literally getting paid to say a word or two on their website. If people want more, they will go back to your site to do their research.

There are many different affiliate marketing sites out there today. Even Google Ads. You can see an overview of all the different affiliate marketing sites here. These are the ones that make the most money.

1. MyFitnessPal

For people who are looking for help with weight loss or to lose weight, MyFitnessPal might be what you are looking for. Not only will this website let you access all the food you eat to lose weight, but this site also lets you know which products to use in order to lose weight while on a diet. The money that you make will be split into affiliate shares and other earnings.

How much will the monthly subscription cost?

When you join the site you pay $25/month. This cost is then divided by the number of days you will be logged in per month. After a certain number of days you will have to pay an additional dollar for each day you spend on the site on a free account. Each day you spend on the free account will cost you $10. This cost will then be split into the monthly subscription and a per-year commission (which does not include the cost of using the site).


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