How can I protect my pictures from being copied? – How To Sell Photos Online And Make Money In Hindi

Your photos can be protected using a photo storage device (e.g. USB memory stick). The protection is not cumulative. So if you copy two photos to an SD card, they are still encrypted, but it will not affect the other two photos. When you copy files to another computer for upload or sharing, only the original file is protected.

Why was the PIN key kept on one of the pictures?

Because the PIN key (which means a unique serial number) is stored in a text file on a portable memory stick. If you lose the device, the text file doesn’t contain anything useful.

Can I be charged if someone steals my data?

It depends on the data, but the only data that can be retrieved from your device will be the PIN, so anything else you have on it will be lost forever.

What happens if I do not want to share my photo?

To prevent you from publishing your own pictures, you can disable photos for sharing.

How can my photos be found?

You can find all the images by running the command photo.find on the device, or by using the Find app on your phone/tablet to search by address or time.

What should I do if I get a message telling me that my photos are already in the public domain?

Make sure you are not sending the pictures to someone else. It is also possible that they want another account to view the photos (e.g. an external drive), but you can change the settings of your account. To change the account type “my profile” in the menu located at: Preferences and set “upload settings” to “never”.

Are pictures protected at all?

No, photos are simply protected using various methods and techniques, including the Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) standard. That means all the public and private information on your pictures are protected. In order to be able to view your pictures, they must be on your device in the correct format. So, they must be in jpg/jpg/jpg/gif/png/image (depending on the format) with a name that can be recognised by the Android platform.

What format could I use?

Please visit How to use files with your photos.

How does my photo get onto the Google Play Store?

Once you are in the photo application and have chosen the appropriate camera mode, you can view your photos either from the

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