How can I sell my camera? – Make Money Selling Your Photos Online

You can sell your camera via the PayPal button below.

For more information on how to sell your camera in the US, please see our Sell US section HERE.

Where is the new Panasonic 5Ds camera being introduced?

All the cameras in the new range of 5DMK/5DKL range will be announced at our Camera Show at London’s O2 Arena. We will have more information available there at the time of taking the cameras to the show floor.

Can I have a copy of my camera in another colour than the default colour?

Your camera can be in different colour from the default. However please note that your camera can only be in the default colour if your camera is in any Canon, Sony or Olympus camera, regardless of whether you are selling it in the UK or worldwide.

Can I get the colour version of my Panasonic 5DMK/5DKL lens? Do I need to pay for the colour version? Does it cost more than the standard model?

The colour versions will be made available as they become available through the Panasonic website. While they have no additional costs to buy, you will need to pay to order the colour version of the lens.

I am interested in the new cameras, but cannot find how to sell my camera? What do I do to sell my camera in the UK?

In addition to our usual range of sales and promotions, we have created an EMAIL LIST and FACEBOOK PAGE. Please contact us for more information.

If you are interested in selling your camera please email us at: [email protected]

Can I buy a new Panasonic 5D MK III camera? Please do!

In order to buy the new 5D MK III cameras you must have an active subscription to Panasonic’s UK E-Store and be using a UK credit or paypal payment.

Please read our FAQ for further help on buying the new system of Panasonic 5DMK/5DKL cameras in UK.

How can I buy Panasonic 5DMK/5DKL cameras in the UK and Europe?

The Panasonic 5DMK/5DKL cameras are compatible with the latest versions of Canon, Nikon and Sony cameras. Some UK based Panasonic cameras also work with the Olympus, SONY, Canon and other compatible cameras. The 5D MK III can only be used with a compatible Canon, Nikon, Sony/ Olympus, Sony/

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