How do I become a millionaire? – Shutterstock Pricing

1. Read the books. Start a reading habit. Most of your income is earned the moment you open your first book. So if you’re not into reading, the next best thing may be to start reading while at work. Or at the library. Or just about anywhere you can open your hands. Every single person I’ve come across who has been self producing and is making a living by reading had read several books at once before they were a millionaire. There is no single right or wrong way to learn. Read and learn until you figure out what works best for you.

2. Start creating. Take photos of your stuff. Get a camera. Get yourself some good filters. Get yourself some basic accessories. Get yourself some creative ideas for your stuff to make it look less like an office and more like you spent your afternoon walking around with your laptop. Then you just write the whole thing down and upload it. Every person I’ve come across who has recently become wealthy by creating and using their own stuff has done this for a while. It was a way for them to test different ways of going about their business.

3. Take care of yourself. I’m sure there are lots of people out there you look up to and admire. But when you’re really starting your business you have to take care of yourself first. Get a good balance between exercise, sleep, and some good eating and drink. I’m a huge advocate of going to the gym. I do get a little bored but it’s worth it. There are many others who may find it hard to commit to the gym. I just go each week. And I just pay a small membership fee. I don’t think it’s worth the cost just for the exercise part. But I see the benefit.

4. Get on a mailing list. Lots of people I know are like me. They love to listen to podcasts or read news websites. They have a ton of time on their hands and they enjoy all kinds of things. We can do this, too. This is really what helps me become a millionaire. We’ve had a small mailing list of people who want the most information about Bitcoin. I’ve sent out a bunch of questions and we’ve been flooded with emails from people who care about cryptocurrencies.

5. Pay attention to who you’re dealing with. If someone you know says they are good with money. You should probably ask them how much they make a month. Then do a little bit of research on their business and

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