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With this technique you’ll make sure that your content isn’t easily read. In addition to applying a custom watermark on all articles, make sure your logo is visible to anyone that shares it on social media too. Then use it like any other logo on the page. For more info check out the guide on how to have a watermark

How do I embed video of my content?

As a rule of thumb, you should make your videos open source, like an mp4 or a video that is open source. To do this, you will have to change your settings on the video player.

The simplest way would be to use an open source player, like MPC-HC . Alternatively, just select an embed code and just paste your video content into it.

How do i make my content accessible, i.e. a website that doesn’t require a login?

Many people want to provide their content as soon as possible. But, sometimes when it takes you time to make it public. So, you can create a public version of your blog to give your readers a quick, yet simple way to find or share your content.

This is how you can do it:

1) You have to add the file you want to publish to your public version of your blog.

2) You’ll want to save it as a static image.

3) Then you can upload it to your public blog so as not to waste visitors to your blog.

How do i make sure my content isn’t getting cached?

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There are a number of strategies to protect your content even if someone has cached your website without being able to view it. We’ll give a complete strategy and let you choose an option for your website if you like.

Create a blog archive as a public repository (like an RSS feed)

1] Create a blog archive as a public repository

This is an easy strategy to implement, especially if you are using WordPress because you don’t have to install anything:

1) On your blog create a directory and add your article archives to it

2) When you do so make sure to set your blog’s cache policy to ‘Always cache files smaller than 10MB’ by clicking on the ‘Caching Policy’ tab and scrolling all the ways till you see ‘Always cache files smaller than 10MB’.

3) Then go a little further to make your blog’s cache policy ‘For the maximum

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