How do I get a job as a photographer?

If your portfolio shows you’re not yet an established star, and not yet getting regular work, you need to look for work. Your goal in every interview should be to show you have a work ethic and are capable of being a good assistant, an assistant who can work from home, and someone who has experience working with a variety of equipment.

There are websites like that have lists of the most reputable agencies. Asking for a background check is easy, by completing a paper form which asks for “personal reasons” and “no known past employment or relationships with current agency.” If the background check asks the names of any clients you’ve had, your name may or may not come up, so ask if they’d like to see them if you get a job. Some agencies won’t even ask about your past employment, but others might.
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You can request interviews with agencies that have experience or connections to photographers. Many agencies have internships available in their photo studios or online so you can test out your skills. There are also jobs available through online job board sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and TripAdvisor. You should also be looking for agencies that offer opportunities to participate in contests and other special events.

If you’ve got a portfolio that shows you are a reliable photographer, and have some past work from good agencies, you should be confident an entry level job with an online agency like Creative Choice will be a good fit.

Here’s how to get a job as a photographer:

What are some good ways to find an agent to work for (I’ve been in one before):

1. Find out what the best photography agency is looking for.

2. Look for agencies online

3. Use job boards at online job boards such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and TripAdvisor

4. You could also try the websites of local businesses.

For more information, see “How to choose an agent” and “How to find an agent and work for one.”

What if I want to hire someone to make a portrait book for me?

If you want to take pictures of yourself or some friends doing something special for your photographer, you should consider hiring a professional portrait photographer. A professional will be able to do just about any kind of special service for you, whether it be wedding, portrait, birthday, party, business, or whatever it is, with minimal supervision by you.

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