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One of the many mysteries behind the world of gaming has become the identity of the company that funded the development of the first versions of almost every modern videogame on the planet.

When EA’s Origin, the company’s home page says “our team”, it usually means that the development of the Xbox and PlayStation games is the job of Origin itself, not some company called Origin X, Origin Y or Origin Z. If we take a closer look, all these names have some kind of problem with the term “origin”, and in particular the fact that the majority of the companies who are now known within gaming as the Origin group are not Origin.

For example, Origin X, Origin Y and Origin Z all seem to be based on games that are, however, different in concept, or in their origins. Origin X is the name of a certain company that was in business in the UK in the 90s that developed the Halo shooter series for consoles.

Origin has grown a lot over the years and now, through Origin X, we can find out the story of Origin X through many of the members of the developers that worked on its launch titles. Now, it’s time to take a look at how this company developed the original versions of its games for the Xbox, PlayStation and so on – for what purpose, exactly.

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The Origin Origins

It is always easy to confuse the various companies who are involved in the development of modern games for a simple reason: Origin is a company that is based on what it means to make a game for the Xbox or PlayStation.

If we look at how the first Origin games were made, some of the early games can have a few clues about what was the reason they were designed the way they were.

In 1998, Microsoft’s then-president Bill Gates, in an interview with GamePro magazine, pointed to Origin X as an example of a company that was not doing enough that it was a threat to Microsoft.

If we take a look at the Origin Origins, what it really represents is the game developers that went into the project and worked on the original projects and then went on to work with Origin X

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