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Singer-songwriter Jonny Greenwood is currently touring the UK with his band in support of their debut album, ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’, which has just been reissued on XL by EMI Records.

Jonny joins us to reflect on the making and unveiling of ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’, the journey to writing songs for the project, and why the band is currently the most successful band on planet Earth with three albums in the Top Ten of the American charts, as well as worldwide sales of over 50 million album copies.

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Jonny Greenwood:

“A Moon Shaped Pool” has been released as a CD and has now been re-issued on XL Recordings by EMI Records. It was initially released on 1 June 2007 and on 7 June 2013 in a limited edition edition reissue. There are now 12 discs in this reissue and this was made possible through the Kickstarter campaign. The album has had over 80 million sales worldwide. It has been very easy for me to put out this record because I did it all by myself. I only worked with four people on this record and it was an incredibly rewarding record to write.

“A Moon Shaped Pool” is a tribute to Neil Gaiman, Peter Jackson, Terry Pratchett, and Douglas Adams. It’s about friendship, friendship over time, friendship in all forms, love, heartache, madness, war and love with a heavy emphasis here on love. This is about the journey of someone who’s been in love with another person and being left behind.”


“A Moon Shaped Pool took me a long time to

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