How do I turn a picture into a watermark?

To make a watermark on a digital image, simply download the .tif of any image and create a new (unzipped) .tif file (not a .png). Use a tool such as Adobe After Effects, Photoshop or Illustrator to create a “Watermark Image.” Once your watermark is complete, your image can be exported as .png, .psd, or .jpg.

Can the watermark be removed? Yes indeed! Simply unzip the image file used to create the file and delete the watermark file from the watermark image.

It’s no secret that there are a number of companies working in the medical marijuana space, and they’re trying to find the right mix of products to help patients. But the question is how they can market to a consumer product that can’t be sold yet?

One question that’s being explored is whether there’s room for a medical marijuana retailer on the retail level. In an interview, Mike Elliott, who is CEO of Canopy Growth Corp., says, “It would be great because it’s a new business for us. There’s not yet a lot of existing stores, so right now it’s much more difficult for us to establish relationships.”

Elliott goes onto say that retailers in this space could have a big effect on the way consumers interact with cannabis, and help grow the industry. “They will become your brand ambassadors, so that’s your identity. They will drive demand to the site, so that’s your advertising. And they will be your ambassadors in the states with legalized cannabis.”

Elliott says he’s been talking about bringing up this topic with his colleagues at Canopy Growth Corp. but he doesn’t have any plans to take the next step. “It’s still very early to start talking about it.” At the same time, he adds that he would love for a future in which marijuana consumers feel comfortable visiting dispensaries at the right time. “I can see the value. I’m still at the early stages of the industry.”
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In the latest of series of posts exploring the world of mobile gaming, I am going to present my opinion as to the merits of the current Android platform.

I use my Android phone to play both classic games and more modern mobile games (like Candy Crush Saga, Angry Birds and Supercell).

However in this comparison in particular I am going to present the two most relevant facts, namely that all these mobile games are free to play, and that they are all being