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How to make money?

As a photo editor – whether your primary work is the digital or still portrait section – the only way your business can survive will be if you can make money from it.

Photographers can be the richest freelancers on the planet. And you can be one if you don’t have a business idea.

Here’s how business works for photographers:

You’re a photographer who doesn’t have a business idea; you have to figure out how to make money to be on a good platform.

Photographers, especially those in the commercial market, often find themselves working in agencies for the majority of their work. In a similar way to how you work for a freelancer, you’ll hire an agency to put in the work you don’t want — and you’ll work with the agency to get things done.

A typical day for a photographer at a commercial agency will be similar to that of a freelance photographer:

You’ll work with the agency to make a portfolio: make posters, sell prints, brochures, and more.

Your portfolio will be evaluated to be a good fit for future clients.

You’ll go through the agency’s internal vetting process to make sure the work you put in is up to your standards. This includes looking at your work as you work from your desk.

The agency will put forward the portfolio and take your photos.

The agency will send your portfolio off for review: this is a process that takes time as agencies try to make you more comfortable. Once the review is complete, the agency takes your work and makes it more suitable for the new clients.

Once your project is done, and the agencies have determined that your work is the best fit for a new client, they’ll send it off to them immediately.

You’re a photographer you work with an agency to make money on your behalf.
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This is the only way for photographers to make any real money at all, and it’s a much better deal than working for a website or a non profit.

For photos that are not in your portfolio – the type that you just want to hang in your work library — you’ll need to work with a agency that offers a client service for a small fee.

Here’s an example for a freelance photographer:

I have no clients, I don’t have a portfolio, nor do I want one any more. Instead, if anyone is interested, I would be willing to

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