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You go to a gallery, go past the photo, and go through to the photoset page. You have to upload the photos to Flickr (you might want to use the “upload to Flickr” button with your photos). After you upload the photos, you’ll see a “Viewer” page where you can edit the photos. The photos can also be “downloaded” from Flickr, as you can see in the pictures above.

If you’d like to learn more about the steps involved, check out some instructions from Flickr.

Can you stop posting photos at any time?

No. While your photos will remain accessible to you, you can’t delete them. If you delete photos you’ve uploaded, you don’t lose your account!

Here are some things you could do if you were ever to stop posting photos at any time:

If you’ve edited the photos before uploading them (using the “Edit” icon on the right column of your photos), you can remove them from your original Flickr upload, or upload them to your own server.

In your account settings, enter “stop posting photos” as the “allow” type, and click “Save Changes”

After you’ve posted photos to any of your albums, you can delete your photos from your albums from the album page that populates as normal (you may have to scroll down a bit to find that page).

If you have an album, and you wish to delete your photos from that album, you’ll have to create a new version of the album, as discussed above — and you have to do this before you can delete your photos from the album.

What happens if I go offline when the Flickr service is live?

If you stop participating in the Flickr service but don’t delete your account, anything you’ve posted to the service will still be available to you. This includes any information you’ve saved about yourself and any photos that you’ve ever saved to the service.

What happens if I stop using the service?

If you stop using the service, your photo collection will go away; you won’t be able to upload photos, or create new ones. If you want to keep your photos, though, you’ll be able to access them via the Flickr Photos app for iOS and Android (iOS only for now). You can create a new version of your album and delete the old one, or you can manually delete them, via the same account. You can also still keep

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