How do you create a photography portfolio? – Videos Make Money On Youtube

A portfolio is important for the most part. When it comes to photography, if you want to look for a job somewhere, get a portfolio going.

What’s your advice for photographers interested in using e-commerce platforms to attract a larger audience?

E-commerce is still relatively young and it’s a bit too early to speculate based on any results so far. The number of potential customers being served by the e-commerce platforms is just too small to believe the numbers in terms of traffic. Even if we assume 5% growth rate of the e-commerce platforms, and even if you take that 50+ millions of users, these users will not make it to your website.

How are you finding the photography industry in India?

I’ve had the most success with my photography website ‘Dilip Suryakumar’. I have met tons of photographers from all over the country. I’ve met in person some of their families and have been able to get their approval to shoot their projects as well. I’ve found a few others who have met some of my clients on my website, but are looking for a bigger and stronger online presence. We have a few projects with major clients, and some very small projects. I’ve met a few of the photographers before they had their own websites, and some of the ones who are the most professional. I always try and reach out to the photographers, tell them what the platform’s is like, the price, and what the payment is for the shoot. I have a lot of people who are willing to take us on, and I always try to keep up with the latest and trendiest content they are producing. We have a few freelance clients, which keeps us in the photo industry but we are also actively looking for new and fresh talent on our platform, too. We love working with photographers, and our experience is worth more than just this platform.

Do you have any advice for aspiring photographers in India?

The biggest thing for photographers would be getting their photos published in the first place. It’s a really important step of making your online portfolio stand out.

Don’t do anything that doesn’t show you’re willing to give it a shot. Use your network and contacts. Be proactive and use every opportunity that arises. Be willing to change direction, constantly be evolving and constantly do what needs to be done. Make more and more money, that’s where the success will be.

How did your website first come about? And

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