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If you’ve ever been to a concert or live event or a wedding or a spa or a gym or an office event and you’re not the artist—the publicist—and you’re not just a photographer or a paparazzo or an assistant—then you know the story.

It involves a celebrity who’s just taking a photo of themselves, and it involves a group of photographers or a photo agency or a person who makes more than $100,000 a year or somebody selling tickets to the concert or going there with a large group or something like that. A lot of people that we photograph—I know they’re out there, we know they’re in New York, we know they’re in Los Angeles, we know they’re in all these big cities in the world—but most of these people don’t realize. I don’t want to say they know, but it’s so ingrained as the story in their minds and in their imagination. We don’t want to let that happen.

So at a certain point you’ve decided that, hey, if you’re photographing the celebrities—and not just this year, but this year, and next year—you’re starting to get paid to be there.

There have been many times when we’ve been approached by celebrity photographers who are just going, you know, if you put us out there with a photo of this and this and this [with] this person or that person or the first time you took their picture or the last time you took their picture, we’re going to need some money. You’re probably going to get paid more money than you were.
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We’re going to need it, so we need some money because we can’t just do it all by ourselves, so we need photographers. We need photographers. And then we want the audience to go to these events or these weddings or these things to see how good they can do and see them as people in their world, which is why we’ve been doing so many, including my wedding. It’s been like a one-day shoot; we shoot the week, then the next week after that we do them. We don’t go on the next week off. We don’t have the time to really go off and work all weekend with people that we’ve never even met before. So it takes quite a little of that. But when we do, we just get paid to do it.

So we just get paid to do it?

We’ve had photographers

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