How do you tell if a photo will print well?

You have a certain level of flexibility of your exposure settings, so you get to choose how light the subject is, how strong the background, how bright the star, your location, and even which camera you use.

The most popular settings for this photography technique:

Aperture: Manual or Aperture-priority

Metering Mode: Custom or Spot metering mode, with Spot metering enabled

Shutter: Bulb/White balance, aperture setting of f/4-8 (or more), and shutter speed of 1/250th-f/3.5-f/5.6 (or faster/slower) to obtain the desired exposure

Flash: Bulb/White balance, aperture setting of f/8, or flash speed of 0.2 seconds or faster (or faster).

Here’s what I love about shooting in this way. While you can use a computer for exposure control, I like the feeling of physical contact with the light and shooting it as it is. Your subject is also much more natural than when the camera’s shutter speeds are limited to 1/200th-f/5-f/8-f/11.

Do you have trouble understanding where a photo is at? How does your camera process the shot? If you know the answer to either of these questions and are interested in learning more about how we create our own images, then you have come to the right place!

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There have been plenty of “gift cards” from Amazon Prime to be found, and it’s no surprise that many of the cards came in the form of gifts – or at least something similar in nature.

The popular gift card aggregator site RedditGifts has a unique way of finding those gifts based on your username. It takes the information submitted by users who claim to be members of any redditor subreddit, and pulls up the corresponding “gift card,” based on the user’s name and the amount of time the user spent on that subreddit.

Redditgifts’s search tool gives users a variety of ways of presenting their items so the card will be sorted for them. You can have it in a box, pinned, or have your Reddit gift cards posted by your friends or colleagues.
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Gift cards for $500 are an especially interesting option because they may be a sign that the gift card is a direct response to a member’s purchase.

Reddit’s RedditGifts is set up in a way