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All photos submitted here are subject to the Photo Content Policy of the website where the image was submitted. This policy requires that each and every photo submitted must be appropriate for the page or page title that uses it.

What is the photo content policy?

Please refer to our Photo Content Policy.

How do I know a photo should be allowed?

In order for it to be used, you must be able to identify the original creator of the photo. If the photo appears as a part of an ongoing project, you must be able to determine the creator. If the image is being submitted by two parties in collaboration, you must understand that each partner has a different responsibility.

Can you contact me if I have any concerns about the content of a photo?

We welcome feedback at [email address]
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Can I still use the photo if it has a copyright issue?

Yes but you should include a statement in the comments section at the top/bottom of the post.

Can you credit the photographer who created the photo?

To indicate that the photographer created the photo, you must include a link pointing to the original photo.

How about the image that is captioned, but is not the photographer’s first photo?

We recognize and encourage these photos but will not acknowledge the captioned photo without explicit credit that includes the artist’s name. If you are concerned about this, please contact us via our Contact Form.

Can I still use a photo that’s attached to an article without credit?

Yes but you should include a statement in the comments section at the top/bottom of the post.

Is the photo allowed here if the author is not a registered business with Flickr?

Yes. However, a disclaimer should be included in the comments section at the top/bottom of the post.

I see that it’s not a copyright violation — why is it there?

When we receive complaints from individuals, we investigate them.

Can you send me a picture of a photo that you’ve already removed and is causing a problem?

We are unable to remove posts and pictures that have been reported to us as copyright violations. If you believe in the accuracy of the photo’s caption, please contact us via our Contact Form.

I want to use a photo, but I’m unsure of the origin. Please tell me the name of the original photographer or its creator and what page it was published on on

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