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Salary range: Median: $100k – $300k

Average: $90,000 – $150,000

Source of earnings:

Salaries for the majority of designers and artists are paid by the month. The average salary ranges from $90,000 – $150,000, based on a study done by Re/code.

Why do designers and artists work at a large company?

A large amount of designers and artists come from working at small and medium sized businesses. There is more of an opportunity to earn more by working at businesses whose products or services are used by more people, both customers and consumers. Some are even offered the opportunity to work for companies that are larger than their businesses to earn more money.

What do designers do?

A good place to start looking for designers can be a website like Design Resource or Designboom. Both are great places to read about design work at smaller companies, but also to find out about designers who work at larger companies to see what jobs they are able to land.

How do designers get the commissions they are looking for?

Some commissioning is not guaranteed, but it is expected for a job for which you are working. The most common commissioning process is through freelance projects. There are many people who can commission designs, but often times, those freelancers need a client to pay them a commission. There are also a number of commissions in the design industry that have a pay option.

The more time you spend on a freelance project, the more commissioning opportunities you will have. This is where design firms can excel, but unfortunately, freelance design works in the long run. The more you put in your time, the more options there are to you as a designer. Some design jobs will have a commission on a commission alone, and others will have a commission on more of the job. A good way to figure how much you will make is to create a design proposal and include any possible commission options. Some companies pay designers more on certain projects in order to make up for time put into the projects.

How do designers learn more about the jobs they are searching for?
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You can check out the freelance design community for the jobs you are passionate about or you can go on a research trip to find a job from an artist. You also can read your friends about art. Both will help you learn more about the profession. Some design companies will allow you to get involved with

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