How much does Getty Images pay for photos?

Every photo is an extra cost – every single photo is an extra cost – to their business, not simply for their business. So we pay as much as we have to, and we can’t turn a profit. I am going to keep telling everybody that, and say, ‘Look at this, and if you’re going to go and get someone’s opinion or a job done, then this is very difficult, and you’re going to be paid whatever the bill is.’

So my question to you is, is it true to tell me that it cost the company $2,150,000 dollars to pay you $5,000 per picture? Or that it cost $3,900,000 dollars, that you have to pay $5,000 per photo? That’s what I just talked about on this show.

Now look, my husband is running this company, and I am going to run it in a very different way. But the way that we’re going to do it – if at all possible, let me just give you a little sample.

We will only produce as many photos as we need to fulfill a task. In the example you gave me, I would say the company is going to send out an e-mail, and say, “Here are the photographs we need. Please send them in for our production team.” And you will be paid for each picture. And I can’t get one. I have no pictures from the Getty Images production staff. I don’t have a single piece that they can use. So it is all done electronically.

OK, that’s the example – we will only go to a certain amount of photos per day. So if we go to a certain volume, OK, we will get a bonus, if we get a certain volume in that quantity, or if we have a certain percentage of e-mails which I think they call ‘re-tweets,’ as in, we’ll get a certain amount of re-tweets from the e-mail. But you can put it as a percentage, or whatever you’d like to do. If a task needs more than a certain number – well, you can still do it, but you’re going to have to charge that. And so I’m saying they will charge a certain percentage of re-tweets, not on the image, but on the e-mail that they get.

But how that’s determined, you’ll have to ask Getty’s production people