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It depends on what the post-sale business model is. For us the post-sale model is to give the customer what they paid for:

The photos are still available for sale online for a fixed annual value. In the case of Shutterstock, this is our best case scenario, in which a customer pays $10 for an album that we re-sell for $4.75 (of which $4.75 is our share of the sale money). It works out to a net revenue of 1% of the albums sold through Shutterstock’s platform:

So, after the photos are sold, the value of the album is about $6.00, and the amount of money that is paid to me is $0.35. Of course, this model does not come up frequently for Flickr.

The biggest challenge for us is trying to figure out what customer needs are. In most cases, if a photo has a very strong association with your business (and we’d estimate that about 90% of our customers are in this category), it will end up being a highly valuable post. As a rule of thumb, the photos that will get you in trouble are photos that are not particularly compelling, and also those that have high exposure levels. Here are some examples of what we’re seeing from our users:

A lot of users love the way the photo contrasts with a landscape. It isn’t the most visually compelling image of the day, but given its connection with the business it probably resonated with them.

A user might like our photo design, but think that it’s missing something. This can happen when someone likes a photo but not the design of the site.

A developer who’s had a really good app for awhile sees a nice photo with a great UI and decides to repurpose it in another app because of a bug in the UI.

A blog post from a user with a large blog and many posts, but wants to get something interesting on the front page so that her customers will see it instead of a random blog post.

A user who just wants to look at a photo and not have a “product” associated with every photo.

We get a lot of requests for photos that fit the criteria of this list to give as a free photo album on Shutterstock. Usually we try to make sure that these are photo galleries or short stories in the case of galleries.

We have a lot of requests for photos of the world. We’d love to

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