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That depends on the camera you have and the quality of your photos. When I edited my photos of weddings and I was thinking about a camera that fits the bill, I thought “How much do I need to charge?” The answer was $60-$100, I didn’t have an idea of a best price, but I knew if I took the time to work with a photographer or had several of them do the same thing, I might be able to shoot an acceptable image for under the price. But I also knew that any “perfect” editing workflow would cost much more, at the risk of using equipment that didn’t work perfectly. How much should I charge for each photo? In general, I think it’s best to charge $20-$40 for a single photo, but if you’re shooting a wedding that’s about 8 or 10 people, you might find you’ll start wondering around and be looking for cheaper options. I don’t have exact numbers, but the pricing is what I’m thinking about. I do have a few examples of different pricing I can think of but they’re not necessarily the typical, “1 photo for $20” prices. Maybe I’ll go through every single photo I’ve done (some of it was done for free), but for now this is what I think: For each day of photography: Photo 1 (a bride) $100 Photo 2 (a bridesmaid) $100 Photo 3 (the bride and the groom) $50 Photo 4 (the bridesmaids) $50 Photo 5 (the guests) $25 Photo 6 (the groom) $25 Photo 7 (the bridesmaids and the bride’s mother) Free Photo 8 (the guest) $25

Here are some tips to help you decide if you should be paying any money for doing a photo edit:

Be realistic. When someone asks you if you are making an estimate, you say whatever the lowest cost you think you can get away with and save yourself some cash. If you look over this, I think it’s a fair assessment. The goal is always to get your project done right, and the pricing will probably go up with a more elaborate experience. Make sure you don’t overcharge. If you overcharge, the customer will probably get mad. The goal of editing is to get a good result, not to be a douchebag. You do want your “payday”, that’s always more important than putting down a few bucks. The goal of a “high-end editing tutorial

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