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Tulsa, OK @JHATWX @Youtube @Trib_Chron

I am a Twitter user. I have a Twitter account. I am interested in all things Oklahoma City. I like to talk to people… I enjoy talking with people. I am not always right but I do take my beliefs and my love of Oklahoma City to the extreme. #CapsOut #BearsOut #CelticsOut #CavsOut #SunsOut @BearsOutNation [link]


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Raleigh NC Writer at Sports Illustrated. Co-owner of The and The @NOLAPastronomy. I’m @hanson_mike. See also: Mike Cauchi, @MikeCauchiNBA and @MikeCauchiNBA on Twitter. I love to watch players. A must follow for @Cavs, @Bucks, @TristanPax and any other team looking to improve its game. I make sports picks daily for @sports_insider. [link]


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Florida St. Is this what it’s come to? It’s like the “I Love Miami” commercial again. I used to have a twitter feed for Tampa Bay but that’s been deleted. I don’t know what I’m doing there. I’m on the other side of @nolapost and @TampaBayProud. Feel free to follow me. [link]


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Raleigh NC A writer for SI. I’m looking for a job. In the mean time, I’m a writer! [link]


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Tulsa, OK @tajp prairie I write in print and online for a wide array of publications ranging from high school basketball to college football. I write for: ESPN The Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Grantland/The Ringer. Twitter. [link]


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Washington, DC Editor @drsalvation I love food, sports, and women. My Twitter feed is @timhjb [link

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