Is Facebook going to use my photos? – Make Money Taking Pictures With Your Phone

Facebook is unlikely to use any pictures or photos that you have uploaded in your Timeline without your permission.

Facebook’s Terms of Use explicitly state that it is not their responsibility for the content you post. As for photos you upload, you may not sell them or pass them on to others; you may not use the photos in any kind of commercial or advertising context; and you may not use the photos for advertising purposes.

How do I change the privacy settings of my page?

If you’d like to change your privacy settings on your profile page, check your privacy settings under Settings.

I have just finished a second edition of my book on German Military Industry in the First World War, published in German in 2013. Its title and structure is completely unchanged from my two earlier editions. The second edition is intended as a reference book to give the reader an overview of the industrial situation on the German front. It is based on my two previous studies: the Historical Atlas I-B: German Military Industry in the First World War [2-1] and the Military Atlas I-C: German Military Industry in the Second World War [3-6]. It is the largest study of the German military industry ever published. The main difference is that in this second edition:

• all the data and analyses have been based on the new data-set covering the period 1945-1990,

• the book deals with German armaments only,

• many important items have been removed,

• the book has been updated to include newer versions of the German armaments and their distribution, and

• the book contains many more original photographs of some of the most important factories or companies, as well as more maps, tables and maps of the front areas.

I am very proud of this edition. The book is in a very good state, with no major errors. I’m going to continue updating the book in 2014.

The first edition is now available to order in pdf file.

In the PDF file you will find both the bibliographical glosses of the books, as well as the indexes. To order the bibliography, please click here. An english-German version is now online in the right panel of the book.

A very important point is that the second edition does not give the German industry’s name in full, this has been done in a later edition.

The following links show some detailed data on the German armaments industry, including the

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