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The photo editing of the famous photos by famous photographer Annie Leibovitz is seen as yet another case in point of the power of the media.

Last week, while the media focused its attention on the presidential election that is being held on 5 November, the US intelligence services were apparently spying on political leaders in order to identify dissidents.

As the Guardian revealed last month, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) routinely spied on the political opponents of US president Barack Obama, according to documents provided by Edward Snowden to the Guardian.

Leibovitz was at that same photo shoot with Obama in December 2013, when Obama gave a speech entitled “Reining in the NSA”.

“I was struck by what struck me as the photo shoot’s almost total silence of the camera. When the president finished the speech, I left,” she recalled. “But for 30 seconds I had a feeling of dread. It was so empty. It was as though someone had put all of the attention on one photo.”

Leibovitz added: “I was there to be seen. They knew I would not tell the president what I had seen.”

The Washington Post on Saturday wrote about the “sensational spy scandal”, following a leak from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

The newspaper said the CIA could have gathered in an average of one photo a day.

Leibovitz responded with an image of the photo shoot, which was widely shared by the Washington Post. She also posted a photo on Twitter, which the paper claims is a more recent photo, taken before the Snowden leaks.

Leibovitz said on Twitter: “Yes, NSA spying on me at this photo shoot had been a thing for years. I got the picture of me with @BarackObama, a while before he was #President. It’s in that photograph.”

But on Tuesday the Washington Post published a new photo in which her face appeared on a wall with Obama’s name and other information about “the photo shoot” on it.

The Post writes: “In one of the many recent images of Laura, Leibovitz looks over the back of Obama.

“The president is seen in a shot on the wall before she and the other participants in the photo shoot turn to look in front; the caption reads: ‘Annie Leibovitz, the photographer.’

“Leibovitz, who in 2010 became the first person to win

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