Is photo editing a job? – How To Sell Photos Online And Make Money Uk

Or just a hobby? And is photoshop an art? Or something you do because it’s a job?

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For some reason most people I’ve ever talked to have a very different picture of photoshop being a hobby than a job.

Sure it’s fun to do, but why not be a real photographer?

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For a long time the word “photoshop” meant a specific skill set. Then along came the photoshops and the photomontages.

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If you were going to be a photographer at heart you’d probably see your picture on an advertising site.

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Not to be outdone Photoshop morphed into a popular subject matter and became the main tool of the new generation of bloggers and photographers.

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But now with the explosion of video photography, Photoshop becomes more of a medium to be used and manipulated than a tool to achieve your photographic objectives.

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People like to use Photoshop as “Photoshop” because of the popularity and accessibility. But I don’t think it fits the definition of a hobby. Maybe the definition of a hobby is to be an athlete but a photographer doesn’t have to be an athlete but a person.

And if photoshop is so art, shouldn’t you be better than everyone else?

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If your images look great you’ll have every photographer drooling over them. If they don’t look good then you’ve been doing something wrong.

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I just spent years working long hours on this project only to have it become too much for me.

So I’m giving it away here for free to anyone interested.

You see a lot of photoshops on TV. But there are a lot of Photoshop photoshops on TV. It’s the people on TV that are creating the photoshop photoshops.

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