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The US government seems to have been getting a lot of crap recently on Twitter for its apparent incompetence when it comes to dealing with sexual assault allegations, with people like @KellyannePolls and @ToniWassermanSchultz tweeting that the federal government has been negligent and lacking compassion when it comes to sexual assault victims.

While much of the recent vitriol came from conservatives, some of whose tweets included #MeToo #MeTooAnd #MeTooAndMore, the Twitter storm has been an attack from women who want to tell the truth about sexual assault—and those who want the truth told are angry, too.

Many of the criticisms aimed at the federal government and how they have handled the recent sexual assault allegations have been on the conservative side of the aisle, but there are plenty of women who are expressing their anger and frustration on Twitter.

As The Daily Beast’s Jill Filipovic reports on Friday, in many cases, these women are voicing outrage at not only the federal government, but also some other large corporations that have done little or no to address the epidemic of sexual assault against women, including the likes of Apple and Microsoft.

In a series of tweets, Filipovic also includes these screenshots of tweets sent by some of the women voicing their anger at being mistreated by the federal government and the companies supporting them:

My tweet is from @Apple: They’re not here to listen or support. They’re here to tell all their female employee, their daughter or their mother this is acceptable behavior. — Katherney Buhman (@KHBuhman) July 25, 2016

My tweet is from @Microsoft: They’re not here to listen, they’re here to silence the victims of systemic sexual harassment. No matter how strong the other side.

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