Is photography a dying profession?

If that’s true, what’s the alternative?

I have no clue. If photography was no longer a profession, I think it would die off. It’s such an important part of culture and identity, and people don’t want it to go. You have to give people something that makes them want to spend money. People want to buy photo prints, digital photos, or they’re going to spend a dollar or two every time they buy a photo. There’s a great quote from an editor who said that one part of photography is to be a brand. We put an artist inside a photo, that artist’s got a personality. If you can’t get that off a portrait or a still camera, you have to sell one. It’s kind of like an advertisement on your smartphone. It sells itself.

“We put an artist inside a photo.” – John Schoenholtz

I thought it was more interesting when I saw the photo by John Schoenholtz that was on the wall at the studio. I saw that photo and I thought, “Oh my God! How did he get that photo? How did he know how to shoot a picture?” It was so cool.

So, do you consider yourself a photographer?

I have a couple of camera boxes. I have both a film camera and a digital camera. I have a digital camera. It’s really the same.

What is the difference?

It’s kind of like how you walk around in the daytime. You look in the windows and the street, but you don’t necessarily spend much time around it. When you’re around the buildings you’re looking at, you see the city’s buildings from a different point of view—a different perspective. You see it differently; you know it’s not a pretty sight and you’re trying to fix it, but then it’s not so bad anymore, is it?

Do you plan to expand the photography business?

I’m not into a big market. It’s just something I do. I’m only happy when I’m going out to the clubs and I see what everybody’s enjoying. At a certain point, it’s not enough to photograph the clubs, it’s about photographing everyone. I like to see everything. It’s not just about that one club, but about everyone. There’s a lot of photographers out there that are doing it really well and I hope to be able to do it as well.

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