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The question is whether you are buying a good product or an asset — your photo. For photographers, there are two key issues: the value the product or business puts out, and the quality of that product or business. For us, the value of our photo production is to give our clients high quality photos that will be seen by lots of people, but that also will allow us to make a small amount of money when sales go hot.

And then you add a third, additional piece to your business: image-management software. We use Photo Organizer Plus, and our customers really love it. What are those reasons? There are many. It has improved a lot, from just a few years ago, to where the quality and quantity of photos we get from our clients, and the results of that, is more than we get from our own photography.

And that brings us to our next question — how big of a business is The New York Times? We don’t know exactly how big it is, but when we were there for a period of four years [in 2014-2015], we averaged about $300,000 in revenue/year, and our business grew in that period to a more than $800,000 rate. With a few exceptions where we were short-staffed, we had no problem making all of the money from the revenue we generated through our sales of photo products.

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Can you describe Photo Oasis for someone with no background in photography?

Photo Oasis works on a much larger scale. We produce a wide variety of work, covering a range of topics. From photojournalism to sports, we cover lots of different subjects, and the work we do is varied. When it comes down to the photography, some of it will be very good, some won’t be and some will look like photos people are going to find on an Internet site. Some of it will give an impression of professionalism, others a sort of amateurish look at photography.

But we produce good photos, we have a very active and effective team of photographers, we have a very active staff and lots of money and resources, and because our sales are so successful, we have a great reputation. We have a good relationship with many of our clients, and we’re very close to their editorial decisions.

How do the photos that we produce reflect your own artistic vision?

Some photos are just our own and we feel is very personal and personal to me. For others, we

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