Is photography a good business?

It is important for photography to be a business in order to survive and thrive, because that is its main purpose. It is also important for you to have an excellent photographic product in the first place. Your photographic product should be of high quality, as an example, so that there is a high demand for it from the customers. For instance, if you are a real estate photographer and your product has a high-end look and feel, then the customers can afford not to get to know how you make the photos in your office. That is why business is about selling, not about making any sort of investment, because everything in life is a business.

Let’s think of the example of professional sports photographers being paid. In general, the players don’t want to shoot professional sports anymore because the game is now an investment on the market and therefore not so lucrative for the real estate photographers. Therefore the photographers are trying to move towards commercial photography, which is not as viable. Therefore a real estate agent would like to have a professional sports photographer because he thinks his clients are going to buy property for him.

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It is difficult for real estate developers to invest in such a business. They try to focus only on the higher real estate in cities (i.e. the higher houses) – and not the areas which need to be developed – because the investment are not very large. In addition, real estate developers can only take advantage of a limited number of real estate projects, thus cutting down too much of the potential revenue. The price of real estate would be too high before the development, and so real estate developers don’t believe in professional photographers who would be interested in shooting a professional building instead.

Also, if real estate photographers want to get their work published, they have to prove their professional quality – at the expense of their personal income.

What role should professionals play in photography?

Professional photographers are involved from the very beginning in the preparation, the planning and the execution of your products. Therefore, every professional needs a plan. At least the idea, if you don’t have one; if you don’t have it, you should find someone who does. Photography is an art form which involves many factors: research, preparation, preparation, practice, practice, practice… – and this is really important.

I believe that when a professional has a plan, and the work is finished and has a high quality, he will get much better results. And the results in the end are going to show