Is photography a growing industry? – How Do You Make Money Off Of Video Games

You bet it is. There are still a few photographers working in this niche but it is growing quickly. For example, many photographers are freelancing and some are even using professional photographers to help them get more exposure. As mentioned in this article several photographers have a site with tips and resources such as: I am a Professional Photographer and why don’t you join me ?

? If you prefer to pay to have your photo in the magazine, there are more options than you had to imagine. There are some small-but-professional print magazines such as: PhotoPilots , PhotoVet and PhotoJournalist .

Do you have photographs with you but don’t want to share them with colleagues and clients? Why not use a professional photographer instead? They can sell you their photos and you never have to pay for them. In this article my friend from Berlin asked me about a photographer he used in this case (I wish I could have known who he was). Here is the email he sent me –

I am a freelance photographer with two clients. One is The Chicago Tribune and the other is The Chicago Tribune Magazine. They have a very important product that is very popular. They decided to sell their product to someone else. I had an offer to work with them for 50% of the purchase price but I think I am not willing to offer that kind of monetary incentive to do so. What does that mean? When I was looking for a job, I saw that this company is already doing this and there is a blog on here ( ) with very detailed information about how to sell their product. That was probably a huge asset and I have not even considered offering it. What are some other services that you offer? Have you looked at the list of freelancing websites ?
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? What other services do you provide for this industry ?

? Have you tried to sell photos on sites like Kijiji or ebay ?

? What are some of your past experiences with this industry ?

? Is there a service online that you have been asked to sell to your clients?

I found that a lot of people do not seem to understand about what freelancing is and some of them try to be a little snide about it and say that they don’t need to be a professional photographer, or don’t care about the money it could generate either. All that is not true. Most professionals do do much more than just sell their photos online… If

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