Should I use watermarks on my photos?

Yes, you may use watermarks or any other non-image enhancing techniques on your photos, but do not make these edits without your permission. If you have used your watermarks before, and this is your first time, please include the exact information that you are using them. In some instances, users have posted videos on YouTube with pictures that they have removed watermark tags. Although some users are sharing this information on YouTube, no copyright is being given by these videos. Thank you for following the guidelines of the Copyright, Trademark, and Permissions policies.

How do I change my name?

Once you have set up your photos in PhotoMeter, you have the ability to change all of your information and personal information. If you already set up your information, we recommend you do so. If you do not currently have a name, you can download one here:

My profile isn’t visible when using PhotoMeter. Why doesn’t that matter?

PhotoMeter is designed to only work on images that you have installed and are set as your default image. We do not support non-photo profiles. When you install something other than your photos, the photos are removed from your profile. If you have installed other photos, these photos are replaced by the pictures that PhotoMeter was originally built to take pictures of. Once removed, the profiles are no longer visible on your profile.

My photos aren’t appearing in PhotoMeter. What’s wrong?

While it is not a requirement that an image you have installed be in a standard profile that would cause it to show up in PhotoMeter, it is not recommended that all images that have been used as a default image of your photo library be defaulted. In fact, many people do not put their photos into default photos after all. If you have installed a photo, and the default photo or images are not listed in File Manager, they may not show up in PhotoMeter. To avoid this, you can right click an uploaded image on your desktop (or tap the share icon) and choose the Image -> Exclude option to exclude that image from showing up to others via PhotoMeter.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact us at [email protected] or give us a call at 1.888.404.8200.

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