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No, you can’t. Although you could use your thumbnail photo as an attachment to another file or message in an instant messenger (such as Twitter or Facebook), you can’t use your own photo as the thumbnail. The photo must be a single, full-size picture (such as a good-quality crop), cropped at the exact size you want and have a quality of no less than DNG standard. To help you better understand how and why this works, Adobe’s video tutorials on image management will help you a lot.

Can I upload a non-portrait side-by-side photo as an attachment?

Yes! For these photos, simply change the name of your original photo. See below how to edit your original photo while keeping the title that you attached to it.

The face you make when you see somebody spending money and ...
Can I use my own photos for photo attachments?

Yes, we absolutely encourage you to use your own photos. Please note: If you decide to use a picture as a photo attachment, the photo in the attachment must be the original high-dpi file and not scaled down in a non-portrait format.

Can I make a high-resolution image of my photo and use it as a photo attachment?

Yes, the image can be scaled to an even greater degree than a regular image. For example, you may not find it useful to crop a high-resolution image, but would like to make it the width of your email or text image, so you crop the photo to size it. If you were to crop the image to a resolution higher than your final photo size, Photoshop would use its image processing tools to reduce the image so it would fit inside the attached image. To achieve high-resolution image, you will need to make the photo as large as possible and place it in the image storage in Photoshop, as follows: If your photo has a height of more than 40 pixels, make the image taller than 40 pixels for a maximum size of 160 in any direction: If your photo has a width of more than 40 pixels, you may not need to crop the image:

Can I crop an image onto 3-dimensional shapes and use them as photo attachments?

Yes! We’ve created a tool that allows you to save photo attachments in 3 dimensions. To save your photo as an attachment, simply open the exported Photoshop file, select the icon and drag a square shape into the layer’s layer. After you select the icon it will begin to display a 3D preview of

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