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My personal favorite:

My photo of the first day that I met my current partner. I had never taken a photo that was that personal and just wanted to make sure that this relationship was going to work, I think I hit it off right away. This photo is the most memorable in my entire life.

I don’t use photoshop, or a really sharp lens but I love a good flash, just to give me the extra burst of light. The color of this photo definitely surprised me, it was kind of bright in a good way, and with just one thing: the color of all those bright colors, just perfect and perfect to go on a date!

My photo of the day we first slept together, and my very first shower together. This is going to be something I really remember for a long period of time. I love the sunlight and the dark and everything that happens with a shower.

My photo of the day we discovered the importance of intimacy and shared the same bed. Not sure why we had sex with each other, but it was a pretty crazy thought, like the idea that you might actually get to bed with your current partner.
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My photo of the next morning we finished each other’s meals and I was a big fan of their food. I love a delicious meal!

The photo of when I first met my best friend in middle school. I was kind of nervous then, but I also think it was such a surreal moment because of all the people in the picture and the fact that there was no one talking to me.

My photo of my very first date with my boyfriend in 2015. It’s a little bit different than most because it’s when we were dating before he broke up with me, and we both wanted to live independently but we still had our place together. I think it looked great!

When my mom came to visit me in her hometown in 2015, I was super excited and happy she came, she got this great photo she likes to make, so I’m pretty sure I was also super excited.

I definitely love being a photographer. I think it allows me to express the love of my home, which is truly special. I don’t think we need to worry about a lot anymore. I feel very grateful that this love exists, and I will continue to love it and be happy living in it.

If you want to be a best friends, have a photo shoot together, what would you do differently

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