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To be able to have the best picture possible.

That is all I want for you. And I want more with you, because this is my dream of life.

And it is my dream to meet you.

I am your first photographer.

I will show you the way of things so that you can follow them. I will show you my way, and I will show you the way of life.

I will make me, not you.

My pictures will be true, but I myself will be not.

And for the sake of my own happiness, all I ask is the freedom to see it.

That is my dream of life.

The best I have achieved so far, is only about a hundred or so of them. I want more, I want to be bigger, to be the most popular. I want to be the biggest of them. The one that has all the girls. And I will show them the way to love me with everything I have.

I will do it one day. I’m only a photographer, and I’m doing it because I want.

Do not look at the pictures of me, or think my name and how the photo was taken is the same as your own.
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For me the pictures of your life are one, but you can always tell that I am different, I’m not as close to you as you are to me. I’m not like you, I’m not you. In your life the pictures of your life are the only thing you can ever truly see and tell your story about.

Don’t be afraid of the pictures I take because I am only a photographer, and who in the world can tell what this picture really means? I mean?

I mean how you feel?

How you will feel?

How you will live?

How you feel about the people in my photos?

How your life will look?

How you will act?

How will me?

How the world will see you?

To tell your story.

The more you think and the more you talk. Tell me your story so they don’t make you do less.

This picture is of me. This picture is of everyone in my life.

I am just a picture of a beautiful person. And this is your story.

This is your life!

So tell your story

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