What do graphic designers do?

In the world of graphic design, we are often asked to create things we can’t really do, like, for example, a 3D animated map. Or a text-based game or a 3D film. Or a website!

But sometimes a problem comes up or we just like to make things that we couldn’t at another stage of our career. We feel that doing it by ourselves would be time-consuming, maybe even worse.

This is where graphic designers like to come in. They are called graphic designers because they give us all the freedom that we need to develop our ideas and turn them into 3D visualizations and 3D animations.

They can be artists, designers, developers, or something else entirely!

I have the pleasure of knowing many graphic designers that are creating some of the world’s most beautiful 3D digital graphics, and I’ve learned a lot from them.

Here is a short guide on three great graphic designers around the globe you should consider to get your graphic design career started.

1. Janek Brouwer of Decaf, Belgium

Janek Brouwer is a Belgian graphic designer who was born in 1995 and currently lives and works in Brussels. His work focuses on architecture, portraiture, and furniture design.

Janek has been working in the world of illustration and illustration-related graphic design since 2006. He was introduced to graphic design by his uncle Dan Brouwer but has been creating pieces of artwork since that time. His latest work is also his most prominent.

2. David W. P. of David W P. of Amsterdam, Netherlands

David W. P. is an Amsterdam based graphic designer and web designer. He is also a full time graphic designer.

W. P. is the designer behind the visual art of his website:

It’s a digital design portfolio based on illustrations of Dutch and Belgian cities and cities in Netherlands. The purpose of his art is to share his creative process for creating the graphic design in the world of architecture, architecture-related illustrations.

3. Michael L. M. of Berlin, Germany

Michael L. M. is a German graphic designer living in Berlin. His work is primarily focused on portraiture, and he has collaborated with other talented graphic designers to produce many beautiful drawings of his cities.

His latest work is: