What does a photo retoucher do?

Retouchers are highly skilled in manipulating photos and are typically associated with wedding photographers. They are experts in using the different colors and intensities of light, and they know what elements of the image are most important in creating that final image. With your help this will be more informative and beautiful.

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Hans van Hoesen, Dutch historian, who has written extensively on the Dutch slave trade (the “Dutch slave trade” to use Bew’s usage), told a conference of African writers in Berlin this week that the Dutch had little interest in keeping slaves and had an incentive to buy them: it made it easier to fight off any potential revolt by the natives.

“In the West, with freedom and the right to work, there should be fewer conflicts between the peoples,” Bew quoted van Hoesen as saying. He did note, meanwhile, that the Dutch “did not buy as many slaves in the Netherlands as in Spain, Africa or India” because their slave trade “created a large trade for the Netherlands and could not be sustained, not because there were fewer slaves in the Netherlands as in the other places, but because they did not like keeping slaves.”

“The Dutch slave trade was not a problem,”