What is a photography degree called?

In college, you take a photography class. Maybe two or three times a year. That class is only two hours long, and you have to write in an essay. But, there is something else that comes later, but it is much like a university study. It is called a photography graduate degree. You have to have a portfolio, and maybe it gets better, like you can take a better portrait. But it is not like an art/photography degree. It is just like the two-hour class, with a different setting. When it comes to photography, there is such an enormous difference between those two degrees. When it comes to photography, you can do it at a lower level with what a general graduate degree can give you. But, for art and fashion, you need to do a certain way, and it costs more than a degree from a university.

So, it is not a real art degree?

I have never seen a single good fashion photographer in my life.

What happened was that there was a trend, for years, where the young designers would come from different design schools and their portfolios would be fantastic. And now, it is becoming so obvious that fashion designers are not coming from a good college. Their portfolios are terrible. They’re not talented, they never studied or studied well, they are not very creative. When they were designing clothes, they were using the same type or models of clothes over and over, every single time. We went to the same brand a hundred times. And they are just not very talented.

Do you know an industry where you find people who are as much of an art and fashion designer as you found people working in fashion?

I have worked as a graphic designer in New York City for the past 20 years. I have an agency that does design and development for a fashion label called Black Sheep in Manhattan. I just got a new design for a collection.
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Do you see yourself as having more creative vision than other people in the industry now?

I have more creative vision than most, because my career came from being in design, not fashion. But, you know, for me, I feel like I can be more in control. I am not working with the same people, and I actually think I’m more in control. But I am more in control, because I am just doing the design work because it is the only thing that interested me. And it is just not the same as being in a business