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Which one is best?

Designers are people who think. They are people who are open to what they think is important. They do not just make decisions; they do research, they examine data, they think of the most elegant way to solve a problem or produce a product.

Software is a combination of ideas and code. The software is a system to make decisions about what to do; it is the user interface.

But there are many types of software, including systems, designs, apps and more. It’s all about working together to create the best possible solutions.

It’s hard. It’s not sexy. It’s not sexy because you think you got it right.

On the same day that the White House released its annual employment figures for August (see page 11), a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News national poll found that President Obama’s job approval rating has slipped below 50 percent — and only one group appears to be benefiting from the decline: those who are unemployed.

In this month’s poll, Obama’s job-approval rating fell to 46 percent (from 51 percent in July), while his disapproval rating fell to 66 percent (from 67 percent). In June, 41 percent of the participants had a favorable opinion and 47 percent had an unfavorable one.

In a question covering a variety of policies from climate change to gun control, the poll asked about four key factors: approval for the Affordable Care Act and the stimulus; for abortion; federal budget and spending; and government regulations. The poll surveyed 1,095 registered voters and has a 2.9 percent margin of error.

As the President noted in his statement about the report, “If we want to build a stronger America, if we want to bring our economy back to life, we can’t have job-killing regulations hurting families working to support families.” But the report shows that one group is benefiting: those who are unemployed. “Among people who are not working and who are only looking for work because they can’t find a job elsewhere, 61% approve of the job the President is doing,” according to the Journal.

See: WSJ/NBC News national poll: Obama jobs approval rating at 47 percent; disapproval at 66 percent (August 2008)

See: Economic Stimulus: Obama approval rising on jobs plan (July 2012)

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