What jobs can you get with photography degree? – Web Series Monetization

In fact, even if you would like to do all kinds of professional jobs, there are a lot of photography schools around the world that are looking to add a creative spin to their programs. Here is a list of some of the best photography degrees:

1. Photojournalism and Video Journaling – The United States

Photographers who are passionate about creating documentary works usually tend to pursue a video-journalism certification.

As a result, students need to have some expertise in creating documentary material. However, these degrees usually don’t have any specific requirements, unlike a traditional photojournalistic degree.

With that in mind, these programs usually provide a course that trains students to use different equipment and to create professional-looking film. Many of the universities offer specialized training.

2. Digital photography – Germany

In the German photography world, you can find very competitive photography schools. This is because most of them offer courses in the most important technologies (film, digital cameras etc.).

However, most of these universities also provide courses with specific requirements, such as studio course. So to find the perfect photography course for you, first think of your project, then think of possible topics that would be covered. Don’t forget to consider the type of course and your interests as well.

3. Photography for the web – Australia and United States

Australian universities offer students with strong Web skills the opportunity to gain access to industry-relevant and well-studied courses which can be very lucrative.

You’ll also discover photography schools that offer advanced classes in the development of multimedia and digital imaging. As a result, you’ll be able to create amazing work and earn money for yourself.

4. Commercial Photography – United States and United Kingdom

You’ll sometimes find photography schools which want students that will focus primarily on digital photography. In this case, the school will cover all the necessary course material.

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