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Can you describe the process for setting up one? What’s the difference between a stock image and a digital image? For all of you who are wondering, here are our top 3 methods!

1. Use a white background to create something more realistic.

The basic idea here is to have the background white or at least very light. If you are at a club or something like that you can buy a white wall or wall paper that’s white that is slightly smaller than the screen area.

2. Use photo frames.

This is my preferred method of setting up a stock photo. I often use photo frames to show a different part of the image to create a variety of effects. Just take a close-up of something (like a picture, a photo, a logo, etc.) and use several photos as background.

3. Use your imagination.

If you think of a photo and it sounds like something you would use, make it into a stock photo. Create something completely new. If something seems too strange, just move on to another image. If you are lucky enough to have a good photographer, you will be given a great opportunity to shoot some amazing photography! 🙂

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Step 1: Setting Up Your Photo Frame

1. Identify the image you want to shoot with.

1. Open up your camera, set your aperture to the minimum value.

2. Find a nice bright location where you can have direct sunlight hitting your camera.

3. Set your shutter speed and aperture to the minimum value available.

4. Use any image you would want to use and place it in the frame.

Step 2: The Background

Here it is – the background. I find it great to lay paper onto the wall so that it is a little reflective on the background. The more light that hits the paper, the better the background will reflect. And, if you have a strong background, just think bigger.

Step 3: The Effects

Once the background is set up, you can add some effects to make it pop a little more and add some atmosphere to your image. Here I use a layer mask to create layers of a gradient paint. This will allow me to change colors of my paper. Here is a screenshot of it.

Step 4: The Layer Mask

For most Stock Photo effects, if you want to do something more complicated you can use a layer mask. The Layer Mask can be used for

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