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It is one thing to go to a photo workshop and another to go from there to actual shooting. So how much does it cost?

The photography hobby is still largely unregulated, and there are many different types of photography schools. Some of them are very expensive. For example, you could go into photography school to earn money and take home a certificate – but then you may not have much left when you are done. There are so many variations on the photography hobby, and there are so many different courses and schools within them.

You may say that a photo lab is better than no photography, but many schools don’t do that. They are too expensive!

So if you know you want to learn photography but don’t know how much it will cost, what type of photographer are you? A:

The types of photographers vary from professional film and photography journalists to beginners and amateur photographers. In my opinion, the ones looking to become a commercial photographer are the ones with a passion for photography and good equipment.


Some people with no or little photography experience may prefer to learn under professional film and photography journalists rather than aspiring photographers. They are more likely to take photographs of objects and places outside their home. They are more likely to take photographs as the subject and not as the backdrop.

C: Most people are not photographers.

So what will it cost to become a professional photographer?

It will depend on the number of photos you take as well as the skills and know-how you will require to get the best shots. If you know what you want to do and want to try a photo workshop first, you may spend less than $400 to start. For a few photo workshops, this can be a really low cost.

But for a photo studio, you will need to invest around $1k-1.4k just to get started.

To get a studio and learn to shoot digital and film, you will have to pay around $25,000 before you have even started.

So how much do you need to spend to start?
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For a beginner, I would say around $2k/month for a couple of months, especially if you don’t want to work a full-time job.

For a photographer, $2k is around the minimum needed to get started. My current hobby photography budget is around $500 so I can take photos whenever I want. My studio isn’t really much more

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