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The first popular image manipulation technique was to blur, or ‘blur’ an image.

Blurring involves the removal of detail in a photo. By removing detail from our picture, we can achieve a more pleasing result. This also reduces our perception of image density and ‘pixels in the picture’.

Blurring is an essential tool for digital manipulation because it provides us with a way of making our images more pleasing to the eye. Blurring a photo means that the image is smaller, less detailed and less ‘pixels’ in size. This reduces our visual perception of the image and helps us to concentrate our attention.

Blurring is very similar to the way pixels work in a print picture. A print is an area of a painting or printed book made up of pixels. We can blur a picture by removing the pixels in an area of a picture. This is possible because, in a digital image, when we take a picture, we only have the pixels of a photograph.

When do we blur?

The key to creating a pleasing image is to blur it! The blurring process begins the moment we open the photo.

Some photographers blur the first few frames of a photo before turning it into an image. Others only blur the first 10 or 20 to 100 frames (this is called ‘bouncing’). If you don’t blur your photos, you’ll end up throwing a bad photo out there.

Is it worth it?

If you’re not satisfied with the photograph, you’re not getting the result that you expected. By using a blur method then you reduce the amount of noise (noise) in your photographs.

You should blur your images at least 50% of the time. In other words, if you’re blurring to the end you’ll be looking at 50% less noise!

This allows you to focus more on the quality of the photograph. It also allows you to avoid images of high resolution.
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How do you blur your image?

Blurring is an essential part of digital photography.

Blurring requires a very fine, sharp lens to achieve a pleasing result. There are many different techniques for blurring but the three most popular methods are:

Pinning: This involves using a filter, such as a silver or gold wire, to create a small area of light or blur the image.

This involves using a filter, such as a silver or gold wire, to create a small area

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