Who has the best photo prints?

I can’t know for sure, but I would bet some (or all) of the following people would be among them. I am sure you have some, but not sure, so feel free to add yours. They were all of my own designs. I know, it seems like I have them, and the thought is just a little silly – I do not actually have any of these designs hanging on my wall. They just were on a computer screen a few feet away from me when I was done.

Best place to buy art?

We buy things from Art Space and are excited about what we see.

Best place to buy prints?

We buy from Art Space often. It is convenient for us and our busy schedule – which is all the time. We do try to always find new prints and get good prices. We are currently on the hunt for new prints in the next print season!

I want to buy my own picture

Well, here is a solution. My buddy and coworker (and we are both artists) have an online store where you can buy picture frames, prints and canvas wall art. I have seen them recently on the list on Amazon. My goal is to try it out too, but first I have to buy my own framed picture.

When do you expect print season to kick off?

We expect print season to start in mid-December and run the rest of the year through late spring or early summer.

What art do you buy when you aren’t working or hanging out with friends and family?

Well, I am a big fan of Japanese art and Japanese style. There are some nice artists who take their time and do a lot of beautiful work. As a photographer, I buy a lot of work by my good friend Andrew, but I am definitely not a fan of large-scale images.

Anything else you would like to add?

I would like to share my story in hopes of starting an art community or at least encourage others to make this kind of art. My goal is to create an easy path for beginners, or people looking for the next big thing.

This article is about the quest in The Lord of the Rings. For other uses, see Mirkwood.

“Return to Mirkwood. Your friend, Gollum!” ―Bilbo Baggins[src]
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Mirkwood[5] is a region of Mirkwood, with the surrounding foothills