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You’ll want to vote for the following people:

1. Steve McCurry – This guy is hands down a photographic god and that is my #1 choice of all time.

The quality of his pictures is just so awesome, it was a matter of course I had to include him on my Top 20 in 2015, which he easily beat out his teammate and friend, John Estrada. The first time I took these pictures, I was completely blown away. As it turns out, John Estrada was a professional photographer at the time and he was the man behind Steve McCurry’s work – I think that’s a great reason to include Steve on my Top 20 in 2015 (also his work has been featured on the cover of the 2016 calendar as well).

2. Scott McCarron – I think this is the most important vote from the 2013 survey, for two good reasons. First, he takes incredible great images of amazing cars at incredible speeds, and second, he is not only my personal friend, but also fellow NASCAR photographer James “The Wizard” Dibney, so my vote to include Scott here is so solid.

3. Mark Regan – This guy is one of the best photographers to ever grace the cover of an issue of the magazine. The photos he took for each issue of NASCAR Magazine from the early 2000’s to the present are just stunning, and it was definitely one of the things I loved most about the magazine.

4. Jörg Haake – I honestly don’t know how to include this guy on the list due to some other stuff he’s done, but it really does not matter. I think it is incredible his work has been featured by NASCAR Magazine – some of which I’m sure some of you could recognize from that year or earlier.

5. Paul M. Wilson – This is another vote that has to be made from my personal opinion, so I would honestly only vote for this guy if I were given the chance by an editor from the magazine (although I would prefer if it was you from NASCAR Magazine).

6. Brian Kneeland – I agree with the other guys on the list, this guy is an amazing photographer. He has been a photographer, journalist, and magazine photographer for much longer than anyone else on this list (I believe there have been at least 10 different guys called Brian).

7. Doug Whelan – I think that this guy has one of the most amazing portfolios as well,

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