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I don’t know who owns photographs, though of course, I can’t tell for sure. So, what is it that makes “photograph” “photograph” and “photograph” not a picture ? When I was trying to figure this out, a photographer friend of mine and I got in a little bit of a fight. My friend, a well-known photographer himself, made the most important point about this issue: He said that in the early days, there was a rule that photographers in the business didn’t use their work for personal gain. This was a rule that was never meant to cover all people in the business. He said the general rule was “never, ever, ever, ever put your work for sale. I always say that.” I said “Well, I guess you might be right.” We both said we’d never sell anything. So I decided to go ahead and check whether this was true. I’m sure, if I had never sold my photographs to anyone , I would never have checked the rule. Then I decided to check if, in the early days, it was illegal for photographers to “sell” their work. This is something I’ve looked at over the years and I’ve looked at the case law. I find no evidence that there was any such law. I then looked at the “Fair Use” section of the copyright law, which is what I’d looked at to determine whether my work was “fair use” in the first place. I found nothing that indicates that it could reasonably be considered to be “fair use” to sell one’s photography . But then, I looked at a second “fair use” law–the “noncommercial” law which allows you to sell photographs without a license from the copyright owner–and I found nothing that indicated “fair use” could be considered. Thus, I looked again at the general rules, which would seem to be relevant here. To me, the general rule is, by the simple principle of non-competition, which means that there is a “free ride” on another’s work at the point of sale. But, the case law is quite clear: If you sell or trade with someone else’s work, then you are not breaking the law in any way. No such rules, by the way, exist when you “make a sale” of your work. It would seem to be a question of intent as to whether a particular piece of art does you good by being sold to the public . It’s easy to see how

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