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When I was a kid, I always felt that my feet hurt on the first day of school, just like my feet hurt on the first day of school when I went to sleep. That just wasn’t real. And now a lot of people have noticed I have feet, and they think I should stop going to school. And I’m scared. But I still have to go to school, even if everyone goes away. And I will always do my best.

Is it funny how everyone seems to have feet that they can’t seem to stop feeling like they’re dying?

I think that’s funny. It’s an interesting thing. I’ve always heard of people saying they feel like their feet hurt when they’re walking, but it’s all I know.

How do you feel about the trend of walking barefoot?
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It’s funny. Walking in heels is fun. But I don’t think people should walk in heels, or wear high heels. But you’re always going to have people tell me things about their feet, and it always feels weird. Even if you didn’t, it’s still interesting to hear, and it’s weird in the way that they say it.

How do you describe your feet to people with regards to their color, shape, and size?

It’s hard for me to explain it. You’re not really gonna know, but I’m not interested in describing how I feel. There’s a feeling of comfort, especially now that it’s winter, and I just wanna go to sleep and think about how nice it is. So it’s more like this sort of thing where I don’t want people to know, because who cares if they know. I feel comfortable with that for this time.

What do you make of people saying things like they’ll die in their shoes or something like that?

I try not to pay attention to the people in heels, like the other day they were saying, “If your feet hurt you’d be dead!” And then they kept walking on. I don’t want to be seen that way. That’s just the way I feel, so I don’t pay as much attention. But it’s interesting that people who do these kinds of things feel that way.

When people say that, do you think it makes them sad?

Yeah, because it sounds like I want people to think I’ll become an elderly person and die in my shoes. And then it sounds kind of sad. But in fact

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