Why are feet pics a thing?

Foot size does vary a little. You should take care when purchasing a pair of shoes that your feet shape in a way that the shoe should match. I find that the typical 5″ insole makes me look more rounded than I am. If your feet are roundish and your shoes were made for a roundish shape, you may want to take the extra 5″ down to 3″.

I got a ton of pictures from the shoe shopping experience and I could barely keep up. So I decided to post the pictures here as people may be in a similar situation to me.

If your feet are smaller than average, it does seem a bit odd to have all the pictures (in a good way).

My Foot Photos

This is my friend. (Photo by me)

I got the boots, the shoe, and all the items for the picture so I would know what my body looked like and they looked pretty good. My feet measured at the very lowest point on the sole to the toe.

The shoe was a size 10 and the other pictures below are the same in a size 10, it doesn’t matter much but it does show.

The foot is just below the ball of my foot and is very narrow and smooth. It felt pretty nice in the hands.

A lot of people do wear big shoes for some reason when they don’t have small feet. I always try to show what my feet feel like without them being big-foot and big.

A good example. (Photo by me)

Now, as a girl who wears heels a lot, they fit pretty comfortably. Some people want to get the size 8 shoes so they don’t have to worry about buying shoes to fit perfectly then. But most people seem to want small-foot shoes so they want larger ones anyway.

The shoes that were provided for this shoe.

Here’s a very interesting picture. My friend, who has a very wide foot, decided to take pictures showing what a normal 5″ insole would look like.

(Photo by me)

As you can see, my feet are a lot narrower than average. If I were wearing boots that were a little wider, I could only get off 1″, the other side would be even longer in the boot.

There was a lot of “meh” as the photo above shows.

After I showed my friend one of the images, he suggested that I try them on